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    Picture of Dyan Gunnlaugson
    Raising Digitally Responsible Youth
    by Dyan Gunnlaugson - Friday, 21 September 2018, 4:40 PM

    Join us at the Henry Grube Education Centre on September 26th 6:30 - 8:30 pm to learn how to work with your children to keep them safe, responsible, and appropriate with technology!

    Picture of Frank Law
    Terry Fox Run!
    by Frank Law - Sunday, 9 September 2018, 4:23 PM

    Hello everyone! In memory of Terry, all this week at Bert Edwards Science and Technology school we will be collecting donations for the Terry Fox Foundation.

    For over 30 years The Terry Fox Foundation has worked to achieve Terry’s vision – a world without cancer. Their researchers, staff and thousands of volunteers are determined to reach that goal. BEST CAN HELP! Our school has set a modest goal of $300 in donations; a little over a dollar for each student and staff member at the school. We are calling our initiative "Please bring a toonie for Terry," but any amount would be accepted and appreciated!

    We will start our run in the gym on Friday around 11:20 am with a quick assembly and warm -up, then the primary students will run/walk out on the field, with the grades 4-6 students running down the River's trail to Westmount elementary and back; they may turn around at any point if feeling tired. Please note: in order to leave the school grounds for this community run, the students must have returned the community permission form sent home last Tuesday. Come join us! Everyone is welcome!

    Picture of Frank Law
    Back to School!
    by Frank Law - Wednesday, 29 August 2018, 7:34 PM

    Hello Bert Edwards Families! Are you all ready to begin the new school year! We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming back our students - new and returning - on Tuesday. School will begin on September 4th with the doors opening at 10:20 am, and an assembly in the gym starting at approximately 10:30 am. Dismissal time on Tuesday will be 12 noon, and our regular day schedule (Except for kindergarten!) begins on Wednesday the 5th. Students will be assigned to classes on this first day (We may need to move a few for the following day), and please look for important information - newsletter, school fee information, permission forms - coming home in packs. Our school newsletter will also be posted sometime this week on the school web page. Our staff is really looking forward to meeting our new students, and seeing familiar faces once again. Will will be working to ensure Bert Edwards Science and Technology School continues to be a vibrant, positive, forward thinking place of growth and learning. See you all Tuesday!

    Mr. F. Law