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    BEST events!
    by Frank Law - Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 2:15 PM

    Several important events happening this week! Today we enjoyed the Axis Theatre production of "Robinson Crusoe." Really well done. Also, the "Let's Play" wheelchairs have arrived for our students; allowing them to experience movement in a wheelchair (Most really seem to enjoy and learn from this!) The Kamloops Track and Field club was here this week - as a kick off to Track and Field season - instructing our grades 4-6 students in Shot Put, Triple jump, and High jump. We've also - thanks to Brock Middle school (Who applied for the grant!) - been given a composter for the school! You will see it right out front. The students will be learning how to help keep our environment healthy by composting in our classrooms/school. Lastly, when we can, we've been playing some ping pong with our students!

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    We Can Be Friends Assembly - Tuesday April 17th at 11:15am
    by Jennifer Boyle - Monday, 16 April 2018, 12:25 PM

    Dear Parents,

    We are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing the Canucks Autism Network’s We CAN Be Friends (WCBF) program at BEST.  We are introducing the program with a kick off assembly on Tuesday, April 17th at 11:15 am.  Professor Nan Stevens from TRU and her son Westin will be here as our guest speakers. We encourage everyone to wear blue and green Canucks Colours or Canucks Jerseys tomorrow. Feel free to join us for the assembly.

    We CAN Be Friends is the Canucks Autism Network’s elementary school program that aims to teach all learners the values of friendship, empathy and inclusion by using grade appropriate lesson plans, autism specific resources and awareness raising activities for the entire school. The goals of the We CAN Be Friends program are to teach all students about understanding differences, educate students about autism, encourage friendship, empathy, and inclusion among children with autism and their peers, and to promote autism awareness. The We CAN Be Friends program teaches children that we are all special and unique in our own way.

    We will start teaching the We CAN Be Friends lessons in all classrooms throughout April. Feel free to talk to your child about the We CAN Be Friends lessons and ask how they are demonstrating friendship and inclusion.

    The Canucks Autism Network provides year-round sports and recreation programs for individuals and families living with autism while offering training and education opportunities in communities across British Columbia. If you are interested in learning more about the program you may also contact the We CAN Be Friends Program Coordinator, Darcie Domes, for more information.           

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    Darcie Domes, Program Coordinator, Canucks Autism Network

    Office Phone – 604-685-4049 ext. 214


     We CAN Be Friends School Liaison – Jennifer Boyle, Vice Principal

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    Jersey Day
    by Frank Law - Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 1:36 PM

    Dear Parents,

    Hello Bert Edwards Families! This week, on Thursday April 12th, we will be taking part in Jersey Day here at BEST. As you are likely aware, schools, businesses, and community organizations across Canada will be participating in this initiative to show support for the people effected by this terrible event in Saskatchewan – all the families - and the entire community of Humboldt SK. It is our intention to deal with specific discussions around this event on a case by case and class by class basis – teachers will be answering questions as best they can if and when they arise, and individual students will have access to staff support if and when it is needed. The purpose of the day at our school is demonstrate our support for people in need – like good neighbours would – and hopefully play a small role in the healing process for everyone affected. It is certainly not our intention to create uncertainty and anxiety amongst our student population; we fully understand we are here day to day interacting with young children, and at all times will consider their emotional well being above all. If you have any questions or concerns about Thursday, please feel free to contact us at the school. Have a great night everyone.