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Raffle Basket Winners!

Mr. Hembling
Raffle Basket Winners!
by P. Hembling - Wednesday, 17 December 2014, 8:31 PM

The winners for the PAC Raffle Basket Fundraiser from tonight's Christmas Concert are listed below.  To claim your basket if you are the winner, please bring in the matching ticket to the BEST office before 3:00pm on Friday, December 19th.

Telescope:  0295276 (green on white) - claimed

Juicer:  0294621 (green on white)

Art Basket:  0294435 (green on white)

Craft Basket:  0530799 (red on white)

Christmas Craft Basket: 0294657 (green on white)

Family Movie Night:  061841 (black on red)

Chocolate Basket: 0294318 (green on white)

Red, White & Green Basket:  0294958 (green on white)

Winter Fun:  060946 (black on red)

Coffee / Tea:  0294431 (green on white)

Cat Basket: 0294379 (green on white)

Dog Basket:  0294530 (green on white)

Gingerbread Basket: 0530721 (red on white)

Baking Basket:  061336 (black on red)