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Stranger Danger Synrevoice - March 1

Mr. Hembling
Stranger Danger Synrevoice - March 1
by P. Hembling - Tuesday, 1 March 2016, 2:07 PM

Here is a transcript of the Synrevoice message sent to all BEST parents today (March 1, 2016):

This is Paul Hembling, principal of Bert Edwards Science & Technology School. I am calling this afternoon to make parents aware of a stranger danger situation which has happened recently at a neighbouring school.

A report was made by the parents of two AE Perry Elementary students yesterday that these students were approached by an adult in an inappropriate manner after school. The students did the right thing and notified their parents right away. Kamloops RCMP have been notified and are dealing with the situation. North Shore elementary schools have been asked to review stranger danger guidelines with students, which we have done today.

Parents, please review with your children about travelling safely to and from school. While there has been no incident at BEST, we feel that AE Perry is close enough for us to be extra vigilant with respect to student safety.


Thank you for your attention to this message.