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Mr. Hembling
Big Little Science Centre Newsletter
by P. Hembling - Wednesday, 6 July 2016, 1:52 PM

Please see below re: a free lecture and the most recent newsletter attached from our friends at the Big Little Science Centre.

Free Science Lecture Series at BIG Little Science Centre

Doors open at 6:30pm, lecture at 7pm. For older children and adults. Refreshments served.


Bees of the Southern Interior and their floral relationships.

Thursday July 14

Lecture by Lincoln Best


Nearly 500 species of wild, native bees inhabit the diverse landscape of British Columbia's Southern Interior. All of them rely on floral resources directly or indirectly, and many have evolved specialized relationships with native wildflowers. For many their biology & ecological function remain unknown.

Bio:  Lincoln Best has surveyed pollinator diversity in western Canada for almost 15 years and produced new data for more than 600 species while discovering new species in Canada.  Lincoln studied Zoology and Ecology at the University of Guelph and conducted graduate research at York University on the geographical distribution and genetics of the bees of British Columbia. He has also led field teams through Central and South East Asia, observing native bees in more than 10 countries.  Lincoln is passionate about floral/ bee relationships, especially the visitors to rare and unusual flowering plants in the Southern Interior.

Thanks and have a good week