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Raffle Basket Winners and thanks

Mr. Hembling
Raffle Basket Winners and thanks
by P. Hembling - Thursday, 15 December 2016, 8:42 AM

Thanks to everyone who came to our two Christmas Concerts yesterday - we had a fantastic turnout!  Several of the Raffle Baskets have been claimed, but several others remain.  Please come by the office before the end of the day Friday, December 16th to claim your basket.  You will need to present the original winning ticket to match the one which was drawn last night.  Thanks to everyone for supporting our concert fundraisers and again a huge thanks to the PAC for running our fundraising events.

Unclaimed Raffle Baskets are:

"Baking 2" -------- Ticket #3986096

"Bath Time" -------- Ticket #3986438

"Pretty In Pink" -------- Ticket #3986083

"Craft 1" -------- Ticket #3986419

"Craft 2" -------- Ticket #3985903

"Purdy's" -------- Ticket #3986137

"Ginger Bread 1" -------- Ticket #3985960

"Ginger Bread 2" -------- Ticket #3985814

"Baking 1" -------- Ticket #3986090