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Upcoming Events
by Frank Law - Tuesday, 23 January 2018, 12:14 PM

Hello Bert Edwards Families! Us again! WOW, what a great turnout for Cuddle up and Read this morning at school! Big thanks to everyone for attending, and reading with our students. A few additional items for your consideration:

Pink Shirt day is next month: Wednesday February 28th. We will be sending home a notice tonight for any students that do not have - or have outgrown - their pink shirts. Cost is $15.00 - this includes our school name on the back - and payable to the office. Super fun day to support inclusiveness, respectful behaviour, and anti-bullying around our communities!

Reports - The School Act mandates THREE formal and TWO informal reports from school per year. Typically, our informal reports have come in the form of teacher/parent interviews. This year, we have two partial days for interviews (In the past we have had four), and these days were used in October for interviews and the first informal report. So, please expect some form of informal report from your child's teacher between Monday February 5th and Friday February 16th. Teachers may choose formats such as Open Houses, Letters, Phone calls, or self assessments during this time. Our second formal reports come home on March 16th.

Fountains. Good news! You've likely heard...!!! Our school district is purchasing two water bottle filling stations for BEST! We are not sure when they will be installed, but will keep you informed. We are also hoping to sell some BEST water bottles, so the students can keep themselves hydrated and healthy!