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School Learning Plan

At BEST we are working hard to improve the learning experience for our students in all areas of the curriculum. We have made a priority to collaborate with our school community to establish our school goals - parents, students, staff - and linking them to our School District's Five Year Strategic Plan. Our specific Bert Edwards School Learning Plan goals are:


1) Improve student foundational skills in Literacy;


2) Improve student foundational skills in Numeracy;


3) Improve student social and self regulation skills.



At BEST our students have an abundance of opportunities to participate in growth activities outside of the regular classroom. Some of our offerings include:

-After school Arts and Sports programs

-Intramural sports and teacher/student games

-Cross country running, volleyball, track & field, and basketball teams

-Young Peoples Concerts - Four performances every year

-Bike Rodeo - Learning street safety

-Skipping team - We travel to other schools and perform!

-Skating and ice hockey

-District Choir team

-Swimming at the Canada Games Pool


At Bert Edwards Science and Technology School our students Buzzzzzzz! Our staff consistently spends time teaching expected school behaviors, and "Catches" students daily who are demonstrating Respectful, Responsible, and Safe behaviour at school. We regularly reinforce and celebrate our successes with School - Wide assemblies and learning activities, and invite community members to share both in classroom sessions and during our school gatherings.




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