School Learning Plan

School Learning Plan

At BEST we are working hard to improve the learning experience for our students in all areas of the curriculum. We have made a priority to collaborate with our school community to establish our school goals with parents, students and staff while linking them to our School District's Five Year Strategic Plan. Our specific Bert Edwards School Learning Plan goals are:

  1. Improve student foundational skills in Literacy
  2. Improve student foundational skills in Numeracy
  3. Improve student social and self regulation skills.

Extra Curricular Activities

BEST strives to give students a variety of opportunities for growth. All students can participate and gain numerous skills with extra activities outside of the regular classroom. Some of these activities include:


Health and Safety

Our school's Communicable Disease Prevention Plan was developed to promote the health and safety of staff and students.

Completing a daily health check is one of the most effective preventative measures to stay safe.  Alternatively, the K-12 Health Check App serves the same purpose and is an easy-to-use electronic version. 

BCCDC has updated information about the safety and proper use of the test kits. Please see the BCCDC’s Rapid Testing At Home web page for detailed information. 




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