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 Message regarding Lunch Program

We are very pleased to be able to offer healthy and nutritious lunches for our students. The goals of our lunch programs are to:

  • Support student health and wellness, as well as school and community connectedness.
  • Increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods and reduce the consumption of processed foods.
  • Assist with student learning and success at school.
  • Support national and local economies by increasing jobs and the domestic market for fresh local food. 
  • Support schools to be places that model healthy living.
In addition, our meals program will strive to be sustainable and continue to reduce waste.  As a result, students will be encouraged to use their water bottles for their lunch drink. 
Menu plans will be aligned to the following: 
  • Hot Meals will be served two (2) times per week
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable products will be served with each meal
  • Processed foods will be integrated as rarely as possible
  • Local and sustainable foods will be incorporated as often as possible
  • Drinks or Beverages are not included in the meal plans, students are encouraged to bring their water bottles.
  • All meals are to meet the BC Governments “Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sale in BC” and Canada’s Food Guide and Dietary Guidelines.

TRISH SMILLIE, Director of Instruction - Elementary Education and Learning Services

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