THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED :)  Appreciation and thank you's go out to our amazing BEST community. Your continued support and participation directly contributes to our school and students success.  An extra big thank you for our PAC!! They work hard year round which benefits students and our school in so many ways.

Every year the PAC puts on a fundraiser to kick off the holiday season. This campaign gives our school the opportunity to purchase resources that directly benefit students in the classroom. There will be several draws for a chance to win a gift basket and one cash prize for the 50/50 draw. Click on the attached links for Fundraiser DetailsGift Basket Tickets , 50/50 Raffle Tickets .  Please note as shown in the pictures below  that some Classroom Themes will draw two winners.


**Office Fundraiser with Purdy's Chocolate Smiley Face was a great success! 

All the support from the BEST community is sincerely appreciated.**

Thank You!

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